[Update] Zyperax 1.2.2

A new Update Log is out!

- Added Page Navigaton to Resource, Fleet and Antimatter Log.
- Fixed path of images of Market items.
- Dynamic Universe Starting Package: New Players start with 25% of the records building.
- Fixed an issue of building M-Ships and Mehadors without it's real permission.
- Change Design of flying fleets.
- Redesigned and improved parts of the alliance admin panel.
- Fixed a "unlimited planets" bug at market.
- Fixed the Metal Mine Achievement regarding to it's antimatter and achievement points.
- Smaller Design Fixes or improvements were performed at plenty of different pages.
- Some translations at different pages were added.

[Update] Zyperax 1.1.1

At our next Update [Version 1.1.1] we have performed serveral important changes regarding to the future of Zyperax!
As usual - the Update Log is listed below.

- Flying Fleets which are heading to their own destroyed moons will be automatically redirected to it's planet.
- As the Shooting Simulation is completed, the option was also implemented in Battle Simulator.
- Regarding to EU Laws we have to inform you that we are using Cookies*.
- When selecting a section at message page, unread messages view got fixed.
- The second round of the Worldcup 2018 were added and you are ready to bet.
- Already achieved Officers wont be displayed as a requirement for other Officers.
- Minor coding issues were resolved at Index Page.
- Added a controlling System for any kind of purchases or cancels which includes buildings, researches, Fleet and as also Defense Units. You can view it at the Empire Page under "Resource Logs" (Only for the last 3 days!).
- Several texts were translated into german, italian, spanish and russian. (Parts of: Battle Simulator, Galaxy, Saved Coordinates, Calculator, Userlogs and Alliance).

* What are Cookies? No you cannot eat them! Cookies are stored inside your Browser and are used to keep your session active for example. As also it is used for several other Game Features like: Keep me logged in, default language at Index Page or parts of the Chat.