[Reset Update] 2/3

In the second part of our Reset Update we did the following:

- Added latest Coment view at right side of the Forum
- Reworked the complete Beginner Guide.
- Increase Alliance Points of the Beginner Alliance.
- Improve and balanced and added a View for the Resource Fonds at Resource Page

[Reset Update] 1/3

First part of the Update.

- Fixed basic Production while Vacation Mode.
- Removed Hostal Expedition.
- Fixed an Issue at Sessions.
- Added seconds view to Auctioneer and fixed Issue from last update.

Emergency Update 14.12.2017

Zyperax will be in maintenance from 23:00 to 00:00 today, We are going to perform some minor fixes and changes.

An Attack block will be activated until Friday 12:00 AM

Zyperax is opening

Zyperax is starting at 18:00. We hope you have a good stay and please report any bugs. We currently offer our Game in 5 different Languages: German, english, italian, spanish and russian. We run on mid-speed!